Newsletter, September 2013


eVerbum for Android September Newsletter

Welcome to the September 2013 edition of our newsletter, providing you with the latest news about our products and releases.

The last version 1.27 for Baby Lara’s Nursing Log is very stable and we plan also to add new functionalities in this app.
From the same series we release now a new app: Baby Lara’s Growth Milestones. It is a useful app in helping parents keep track of their baby and/or toddler’s development stages.
And last but not least event for this month is the launching of our new app Blue Chattie. As the name suggests, it is a bluetooth chat app. And a tip: if you want to copy your contacts from the old phone to the new one…

We’re preparing new stuff for October.
Stay tuned.


Baby Major Steps


Baby Major Steps is a smart helper for parents.
This is a useful app in helping parents keep track of their baby, toddler, kid’s development stages (up to 6 years).

Baby Major Steps contains four basic parts:
– the development stages list helping you know when to expect, on average, your child to reach a certain stage (and gently help them towards it);
– a diary (timeline) allowing you to add pictures and notes to every stage your child reached;
– a warning signs list, telling you which developments stages, if unreached, should prompt you to check with your child’s doctor;
– a forum where you can find tips on raising children, or share with other parents your knowledge and experience.

Growth stages are grouped by age and by development area (social and emotional, language and communication, cognitive development and physical development).

Download Baby Major Steps now and happily raise your children!

Application Help

Here are a few screenshots (click to enlarge):

Version: 1.34
Last Update: August 05, 2016

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