Newsletter, January-March 2014

eVerbum for Android January-March Newsletter

Welcome to the January-March 2014 edition of our newsletter.
There are now two years since our first release of an android app and it’s time to look back:

First we want to thank you all for your understanding and support (we didn’t always choose the best solution), and also for all the feedback received; without it our apps would not have grown so fast.

Now we have reached a good level of maturity for at least 5 of our apps:

Baby Lara’s Growth Milestones;
Baby Lara’s Nursing Log;
Eat Informed – Food Additives;
Eat Informed – Glycemic Index;
See Air Quality.

That means that the number of crashes is low and your ratings are high.

Now you can use them on both small displays (phones) or large displays (tablets).
We worked hard especially in March to make this happens.
We’ll continue to make our apps better and faster.

For all of them we think that it’s time to go to the next level: in other words, payed apps (the free apps remain, but you’ll be able to choose the same functionality without ads) and a community for each app (a small forum in which you can share or exchange information with other people with the same concerns). And also you’ll be able to improve directly the app’s database for you and for all others.

Just a note about our app “Baby Lara’s Nursing Log”:
Many of you asked for some features which are already implemented in our second app about raising babies, “Baby Lara’s Growth Milestones“. If you use one of them, please check the other one. They are complementary, and they give you two different points of view about the matter.

Stay tuned and thank you again for using our apps.