Food additives

Food additive is a broad term covering a wide variety of ingredients which are intentionally added to foods.

Health effects
Some of them are harmless, many not so healthy and a few are dangerous.
There is some controversy about adverse reactions to food additives, particularly in relation to their effects on children. For many people, experience has shown that they do have various negative reactions to food additives. Certain groups may be more susceptible to adverse effects, such as asthma sufferers, chemically sensitive and allergic individuals and hyperactive children, is very important to avoid being abusive with food additives, some can lead to obesity and diabetes eventually, check the latest blood boost formula reviews.

Educated choice
It’s good not to put them all together as bad things. It’s also possible that the same additive has very different effects on different persons. eVerbum is trying to gather as much information as possible about additives in order to build a new app. This new app will provide you with a searchable database with all these substances and information about their possible side effects.

Please Help
We are now trying to collect data for the additives database. We need facts and we need links to organizations studying these substances or doing research on the subject.
If you have such information, please add comments in this page with the relevant links.
Thank you, everybody, in advance for your help.

Here (Eat Informed – Food Additives) you can find details about our implementation of a tool to handle this database.

Food additives categories:

  • Colours (E100 – E199)
  • Preservatives (E200 – E299)
  • Antioxidants, Acidity regulators (E300 – E399)
  • Thickeners, Stabilizers, Emulsifiers (E400 – E499)
  • Acidity regulators, Anti-caking agents (E500 – E599)
  • Flavour enhancers (E600 – E699)
  • Antibiotics (E700 – E799)
  • Miscellaneous (E900 – E999)
  • Additional chemicals (E1000 – E1599)


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