Answers to some frequent questions. Hope they help.

How to remove the statistics that open by itself every second?

Starting with version 1.02 a shake shortcut was added for that page. Now it's optional, and deactivated by default.

Can I manually change the sleep time or breast feeding time?

Yes. Tap the time value, in the blue rectangle, and an editor will open.

Can I change the maximum values in bottle feeding?

Yes. Just check the mom/formula milk. After that the blue button with maximum value is activated. Click there and change the value.

The only real problem I’ve noticed is that additives tend to be REPEATED over and over. How to solve that?

The problem, that you mentioned, about an additive that appears repeatedly is not a normal case. A possible solution is to clear app data and after to tap "Update Additives DB" from menu.

I just gave you a very high rating, but your pop up insists that I say more. How to deactivate the “Rate me” pop up?

To disable the "Rate Us" pop up, tap "Rate Us" from menu and from the pop up window check "Don't show me this page again", and the pop up will never open.

How can I download a free application?

You should click on link under the Android Market image, and there you can perform the download. Or you can download it from our site.