Baby Major Steps Help

This is an app which helps parents keep track of their baby and/or toddler\’s development stages.

When using it for the first time, it\’s important to set your parameters (Settings). Baby\’s date of birth is compulsory, so the app can give you the milestones and the timeline. You can also add baby\’s name, gender and a photo of your choice.

Milestones lists the development stages that baby/toddler should reach by the end of the period. You can check them as the baby reaches them and you can add notes and pictures to personalize things.

Summary gives you the summary of all the milestones, by development stages (in blue the ones already past, in fuchsia the present stage, and in grey the future stages). From here, you can access directly each development stage.

Timeline is the log of the application, showing you all you entered, every day.

Community is the place where you can find tips about raising children, or share with other parents your knowledge and experience.

You can use the Search button to look for a particular moment or stage, using key words from the development stage description or from your own notes.

The Act Early button takes you to a list of generally attainable milestones for each particular stage, which, if not reached, might signal a problem. In such cases, it may be a good idea to check with the child\’s doctor. However, bear in mind that each child is unique and has their own development rhythm, so don\’t panic: there might be no reason to worry too.