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This app is so simple to use and intuitive that you probably won’t need any help figuring it out.

Searching for additives

From the main window, tap the search button and enter your query. You can now launch the search; if you didn’t know or introduce the exact E number or name, a filtered list with additives appears. Choose a suggestion and the details page for that additive is displayed.
You can achieve the same result by pressing the android search button from every application page.

Browsing additives

In a filtered list, you can sort additives by E number or by name. Tapping an element will open the details page. Since version 1.02, you have a title “shortcut” button for easy and fast search. Also, since version 1.03, you can filter the list based on risks for: children, pregnant women, asthmatic or allergic persons, and carcinogen stuff. If the list is risk filtered an ‘*’ sign will appear after the title.

Details page

After selecting an additive, its details page appears. This page has a different layout for portrait and for landscape display. You can tap every icon and a hint or further details appear, such as a description or the risks; also, when you tap the E number, a wikipedia page opens in your web browser. Since version 1.01, you can also share additive details with your friends by tapping the share icon on the top of the page. Since version 1.02, you have a title “shortcut” button for easy and fast search. Also you can zoom in/out the description field using the menu or scale gesture.


Since version 1.03, we introduce the list of favorites. Now you can customize the additives list to produce a smaller but more important one with the additives you are more interested in. To add or remove an element from this list, you just need to tap, in details page, the big yellow star on the right. Also this list can be sorted and the risk filtered.


Since version 1.03 another list is available with the last n (5, 10, 20) entries that you consulted.


You can choose to automatically check for updates. If this preference is active you’ll have an message when you open the app if a new update is available. Pressing the Update button will download the new database to your device.

Quick Search Box Integration

It’s also possible to make queries from the Google search widget in this app. To activate this feature, you need to go to device settings, select Search, select Searchable items, and there you’ll find Additive Search item. Check it and when you search in Google search, you’ll get a suggested item with our application icon. Selecting it will take you directly to our app result page.

App Help

Each page has a question mark icon on the right of the title bar. Since version 1.12, when you first tap it, you’ll have to choose between local help and online help. After that, it will always open the one you first selected. If you want to change the selection, long tap the question mark icon.

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